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Interview: Abstrak

Interview: Abstrak

Today we have Raper for Abstrak, Andrew Boehlefeld to have an interview with us! We want to thank you for your time! Abstrak is out to rap about deep insight to his dark and disturbed past. He is currently working on his mixtape, “Welcome to My World”, scheduled to be released at the end of this year! Here is the interview readers, enjoy!

SD: What was your biggest challenge getting into Underground Hip-Hop/Rap?

Andrew Boehlefeld:  Honestly it wasn’t so much of a challenge to get into it. It really just happened out of no where. I come from the complete opposite genre of music as I was the vocalist for a post hardcore band called Naming The Fallen with a very large following. I also  just recently quit being the vocalist of a progressive metal band called 12 Years Ago. I really just picked up this whole rapping thing about two months ago, free styling in my friends basement. I just kept practicing and then I started writing. I just felt like I have so much to say and so much going on inside my brain that I need to let it out. I was already a lyricist but I felt like being in a band really held back my creativity because I can’t say all the things in my head in a song of that genre. I love this ability to have complete control of my music, beats,, flow and my lyrics. Its all my straight from the heart. I guess the hardest part was just finding who I am as a musician.


SD: What makes your rap flow together so easy? You make it seem easy. 

Andrew Boehlefeld: Its just who I am. I’ve always had a complex way of looking at things and the way I think is so odd that sometimes I don’t even understand it. That’s why I am writing this album so that people can really get inside my head and understand who I am and what goes on inside my brain. I really don’t have to go out of my way to write that way and I don’t unless I am  inspired to because I want my music to be from the heart. Real deep music with complex flow to keep the listener interested. I just never knew I could rap like that at the speed I have been with a flow like that until I really sat down and tried it. Thank you!


SD:Who is your biggest influence while rapping? 

Andrew Boehlefeld: That would defiantly be  Aesop Rock. He is my favorite artist in any genre. He really is on another level. I just love listening to the way he flows his words and the complexity of his lyrics baffles me every time. I have 8 of his album and I still cannot memorize all the words because of how incredible it is. He really inspires me to just create and hold nothing back when I write. I also really like Tyler, The Creator. He really is a genius. I love the vulgarity and how he personifies the world through his eyes and uses schizophrenia and multiple personalities in his music its incredible.



SD: Now you said that you don’t want to be the next, Wiz Khalifa, so what is your dedication in your work? 

Andrew Boehlefeld: I write music for the sake of creating and my love of music. To express every single thought that goes on inside my head and my heart. All these artists out there now a days are in it for the money. Then they go and write songs about how much money they have and the girls they get and the cars and the weed. Its so insignificant and they really ruin music. Music was originally created to personify  yourself through your ability to create art and put your heart into it. I don’t wanna be singed or have lots of money I would give it all away as long as people were coming to my shows every night, touring in a new city all the time, and everyone loved the music and had a great time. That means more to me then any amount of money anyone could give me.


SD: We recently said, “You have old school Kanye West flow.” Do you think that will change at all? 

Andrew Boehlefeld: I love old Kanye West. He was and still is a great lyricist but he has defiantly changed as an artist as time went on. I think that we do differ in some areas though from his old school days. Defiantly lyrically we differ.  This is just my opinion of course. I like the comparison to a great musician I will defiantly take that as a compliment! I will never change who I am though. Or how I write my music. I always stay true to who I am and my beliefs. The writing style I have will not ever change for a label.


SD: For the upcoming rappers what advice would you give them, that has also helped you as well?

Andrew Boehlefeld: I honestly would say just take your shoes and step into em and chase your dreams before you lose them. Do not ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. My whole life has been people telling me I can’t do something or judging me because I was different and I just brushed it off like it was nothing. My dreams are the most important thing to me in life and I will always strive to achieve them and if you have big dreams all you have to do is work hard and one day you will achieve them. Stay true to who you are and don’t ever change for anyone.

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Make sure to keep up with Andrew Boehlefeld as he works on his first full length album coming out later this year, Welcome to My World. Follow Abstrak as they take over the rap nation!