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You Won’t Sleep After Tidings They Brought

You Won’t Sleep After Tidings They Brought

Bringing more energy than a Four Loko or a Redbull Tidings They Brought wakes you up with the attention of no other band. Sharing the stage with some awesome bands like Sever The Sky and Rose City Burial they have brought of course enough to get their names out to the general fans! Working their way up to get to Vans Warped Tour ’11 these guys have also got a vote for us to kick ass in Battle of the Bands!

Coming together in 2010 Tidings They Brought is hard at work to release their debut EP¬†“Equivocation”. Make sure you keep up with this band because these guys are going to blow up quick! ūüėÄ


Genre: Experimental/Hardcore

Hometown: NY

Members: Zack Dupuis: Vocals, Lance Compton: Vocals, Austin Dorr: Guitar, Mike       Wirth: Guitar, Ryan Wirth: Bass, Cory Haenggi: Drums


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The Cold Will Not Last As We Set The Sun!


The Cold Will Not Last As We Set The Sun!

The siknasty screamo of Set The Sun is¬†intense¬†out of belief, enough said. Another band from Dallas Texas that is rocking out the country and getting a lot of listeners to go crazy anywhere they go! Once playing Set The Sun you will realize the lyrics are amazing point blank. Many line up switches have been made just as any other band, but most bands don’t ever sync as much as this band has grown and progressed. Kudos to Set The Sun!

   Vote for Set The Sun at the All Star Festival!

                              Genre: Rock/Screamo

                                Hometown: Dallas Texas

      Members: Nate Anderson- Lead Vocalist, David Southern- Guitar/Vocalist, Arturo Pina- Guitar, Dakota Price- Bass/Vocals, Brandon Daniels- Synth/Keys, Alex Summers- Drums

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                                                                     SikFavorites:Set The Sun РNo Knives For David


Special Thanks to Set The Sun! You guys are awesome as hell, Hope to see you all at Vans Warped Tour ’11!




Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm?


Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm

A Youtube video just leaked the new trailer for the follow up on Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty. This will be the second of three planned versions of Starcraft II series. The Trailer shows characters like Kerrigan and Jim Raynor in a short cut scene. The graphics as always in Starcraft II are phenomenal. Check it out !

Look foward for more info on Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm as we journey to E3!

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And They Said Tuesday’s Too Late

And They Said Tuesday’s Too Late

From many bands Tuesday’s Too Late will blow your speakers in a good way! From awesome melt your face lyrics to wicked EP names like “It’s a Trap!”. These guys are bringing some intense hype from New Castle, PA and they don’t seem to care who is in their way, so watch out. Tuesday’s Too Late has Shared the stage with with some interesting bands mostly from the badass Rise Records and Victory Records, and has shared the stage with SikDaily’s favorite band, Dance Gavin Dance! ¬†Bringing Pop/Rock to the top of the line with a taste of Hardcore never killed anyone until they showed up! XD

¬†Check Tuesday’s Too Late around the United States and look out for their first full length later this summer 2011!

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Genre: Rock/Post-Hardcore/Pop Rock

Hometown:  New Castle, PA

Members: Brandon Veno- Vocals,  Andy DeRosa- Rhythm Guitar, Mark Haney- Lead Guitar Jimmy Kotoff- Drums, Doug Kirkwood- Bass


Special Thanks to Tuesday’s Too Late! Keep the music rocking guys!



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Delivery! Message Through Motion

Delivery! Message Through Motion

Well 1st off these guys apparently like Starcraft which is awesome! Message Through Motion’s music can really be felt by the fans. Why? Because the band wants everything for the fans! Ever have those days you just want to ride with the windows down sunroof open and wind blowing in the air with not a care in the world? Message Through Motion is what you would have on playing while speeding down that road or highway. The unique Christian/Post hardcore band can really take a toll on you whether you love sick guitar rifts or heart warming lyrics, they will grow on you.

Having more than 3,000 fans and followers on Twitter and Facebook Message Through Motion is always looking more fans to reach out to! Check their music out!

     Genre: Christian/Post Hardcore

                           Members: Derek Dowling РVocals                                                          Graham Stone -Guitar/vocals                                                                            Jordan Salmon РBass                                                                                Alex Lyon РGuitar                                                                          Greg Murphy РDrums

                               Hometown: Belleville, Ontario

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FB:/MessageThroughMotion  Twitter: @MTMtheBand

SikFavorite: The Searching



Remember That Crazy Night? Goodbye Coastline

Goodbye Coastline: Remember That Crazy Night?

If you have ever loved Blink-182 or the music on Burnout Paradise then you will love this band. Brining back all of those¬†embarrassing¬†times in the past, kinda like kissing that girl at the party and your (soon to be x) girlfriend finds out about it and totally destroys your room! Yeah Goodbye Coastline isn’t afraid to bring those wonderful memories back up to you.

Ever since the release of “Mister Disaster” Goodbye Coastline has exploded on the scene of music. Not your normal rock these talented group of guys tells a story with a energetic¬†style¬†so it keeps us moving.

Goodbye Coastline has been featured on, Jango and is all over the internet scene. From Youtube all the way to The Chicago Redeye, They are really making a name for themselves and getting their names out!

Readers we highly suggest listening and following Goodbye Coastline on their road to success and their wild party lyrics that we love to remember from our pasts.

Genre: Pop Rock

Members: Brian-Guitar, Jerry-Vocals/Guitar, Eddie-Bass, Zane-Drums

Hometown: Chicago, IL

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Twitter: @GoCoastline  FB:/GoodbyeCoastline  Myspace:/GoodbyeCoastline

Special Thanks to Goodbye Coastline! Thanks Guy you guys are going to be huge! -Sikuhaii


                                                       SikFavorite Goodbye Coastline: Hey Dreamers



The Rules of Staying Classy

The Aura Rising: Stay Classy Boco

The Aura Rising our featured Band of The Month has surfaced a new song from the caves of Washington, NC. If you¬†haven’t¬†liked The Aura Rising’s page on FB or Followed them @TheAuraRising you need to right now! Stay Classy Boco is one of those screamo song that makes you just want to flip out because your mom canceled you WOW account… HAHA. Enjoy Listening to the new release readers!

The Aura Rising: Stay Classy, BOCO Р

Speacial Thanks to The Aura Rising, Thanks guys keep up the good work!



Take to the skies with Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock: Infinite

Escaping is going to pretty tough in Bioshock this time. Escorting Elizabeth a girl with a very interesting past and one only friend that is even scarier than a Bid Daddy. Elizabeth is a unique girl that has been guarded by a bird named Songbird.

Elizabeth can repair and even create tears in the world, bridging gaps in    reality even opening portals into the future. This is escape is going to be  pretty damn interesting.

Songbird actually feels betrayal when Elizabeth tries to escape so it pretty much hates you and thats not a great position to be in. There is no good nor evil in the game but survival is a must.

Bioshock: Infinite Debut Trailer

  Bioshock: Infinite is full of death defying stunts as pictured.

For more info on Bioshock Visit their site:



The Beast is Coming

Infamous 2 Trailer: The Beast is Coming

The Beast is coming trailer has surfaced gamers. Take a look New Marais fiery red dense and diverse city is destroyed by an beastly figure.  A younger Cole is helpelessly fallen to the ground as the city burns. This game is going to be even more intense then the 1st go around. Hope you readers bought your popcorn!  June 7th 2011

The Beast is Coming