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Update: Viking Viking Viking

Update: Viking Viking Viking

The last time we caught up with Viking Viking Viking we had an awesome interview! Now we are updating on the band as they have grown from the last time we chatted. Just getting through the JSE BOTB semi final round for $2K, these guys have been working tremendously hard for it. When listening to the bands music even though most are related to each other, you can really hear the strength of connection they have while playing.  Just the excitement of seeing them play is wicked sweet. Throwing a viking helmet out during a show and a fan has to do a crazy stunt when he/she gets it, one fan did a back flip before. That just goes to show you that they include the fans into their show which says a lot about a band! Make sure to keep up with VX3 as they are working on their first full length album with BAL Records due sometime in 2011! 😀

Hometown: Bergen County, NJ

Genre: Pop-rock/ Hardcore

Members:  Dan Drew  -Vocals  Brian Drew -Lead Guitar  Matt Kaprielian -Guitar  Alex Kanderis -Bass  Ryan Normoyle  -Drums 

Record Label: Be Awesome Louder

SikDailyFavs: Viking Viking Viking- Just Like The First Time

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Band of the Month (June) Winner! Goodbye Coastline!

Band of the Month (June) WINNERS! Goodbye Coastline

Awesome that the fans participated in the top voted band on the site! Goodbye Coastline!

An Interview will be done with the band and will be putting it up on their own exclusive page. Tour dates, Events, as well as any updates or news that the band wants on the site! Congratulations again guys from SikDailyMags! -SikDaily

Band of the Month (June) Goodbye Coastline

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Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm?


Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm

A Youtube video just leaked the new trailer for the follow up on Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty. This will be the second of three planned versions of Starcraft II series. The Trailer shows characters like Kerrigan and Jim Raynor in a short cut scene. The graphics as always in Starcraft II are phenomenal. Check it out !

Look foward for more info on Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm as we journey to E3!

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New and Improved!

SikDaily’s Favorite Clothing!

Check out the new branch of the site! This page is sponsored for clothing lines trying to get their name out! Our featured clothing line out that is being sponsored is IAMUNICORN. If you haven’t checked them out go do it now and buy some shirts! Awesome bright punk rock shirts to wear anywhere to send out a humorous message. We look forward to expanding our sponsorship for your clothing so bring us more in!


Enjoy and send us more info about other clothing lines we should sponsor!



American Dreaming?

American Dreaming?

Of course we are American Dreaming while we are not writing or looking up the latest entertainment!

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Modern Warfare 3!

Infinity Ward has given us  goosebumps once again with the trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3!

Releasing  teaser trailers in America, Germany, England, and France. Showing that the battle will be the city of New York as a Missile is shot towards the city in the Night visioned layout. If the trailer didn’t give you goosebumps, then you might want to go quit gaming all together.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Teaser Trailer: Infinity Ward: American Teaser. Enjoy!

Importing (Under Construction)

Proud to announce that Sikreviews is now SikDailyMags or S.D.M.  Right now we are just importing some of the stories and bringing over two bands for the Featured Band of the Month. Revamped and ready to start reviewing and as always Fans/readers come first! Any suggestions or questions just let us know.

Thank You