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Everyone loves a little game play action

Modern Warfare 3 Game Play Trailer Surfaces

Destruction is everywhere, bullets flying back and forth, crashing helicopters, and non stop action from America to Germany as you walk into the released trailer of the game play of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.  Enjoy Readers

November 8. 2011




Fable III Game Review

Review of Fable 3

If you thought being good or evil in Fable II has anything in Fable III then your wrong. The Albion hero in the last adventure is now a beloved monarch. He also has had two children, both to overlook the kingdom one day. The oldest son is gone mad with power and makes the poor, even more poor. The youngest child you can choose to be prince or princess, escapes from the kingdom. Your out to find and build up a huge army to overthrow you evil older brother out of the seat of power. As you venture out into the game you start to realize that you can not do everything evil, matter of fact most of the things you do are good deeds so it is kinda difficult to become evil.

A mans best friend. Your treasure hunting dog makes finding goodies a piece of cake, sometimes. Standing and barking and not going for the treasure to show me where exactly is it at helps a lot. Even more when you point in the wrong direction, or get stuck on rocks and trees. You might get a treat when we overthrow the castle.

The interactiveness in Fable II was amazing! Now? Fable III has taken a some away when it comes to interaction. You don’t choose what interactions you do it randomly chooses for you. Good and bad are the only expressions that you can show off. Patty-cake, whistling, and showing off a heroic pose are some of the randomly chosen good expressions that your character will do. Spending your own money, Fart, scary-face, or breaking a promise are some of the bad expressions.

These aren’t the droids your looking for.

Magic, melee, and ranged are required for certain button mashing, then watch as you bury your enemy. The powerful magic is way overpowered but is needed when you get surrounded the many of time that you will. One Area of effect spell and you just cleared yourself a path. Melee does damage but not as close to magic spells, but more the ranged shooting. As for gaining guild points this will be done by completing quests, killing enemies, and many other things. Collecting enough gold can get you some pretty cool visual effects added to you weapons such as gilded handle for your sword. The new killer take downs are awesome to watch the first 20 times you do them. After it just seems like your wasting your time and going in slow motion.

Customization in the game is pretty cool and humorous as well.
From being the guy showed to the right to having a whole chicken
outfit. Instead of being thrown into a menu you get to your sanctuary.
When there you can walk into different hallways to change the type of weapons you have, your clothing, or even check on that huge pile of gold you have been hording to get the key at the top of the room.
Playing through the game has been a wonderful experience. Roaming around town to town exploring the rick landscape of the city of Albion. There are slight tweeks and jitters but nothing to big to complain about. Exploring the world with a friend is even better just don’t have a kid, enjoy!
Game Rating: 9.5