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Halo: Faith 2011 

       Three Spartan II’s defending power generation on the planet Reach. Halo: Faith is distributed with from their Youtube channel. Designers from movies such as, Avatar and The Hulk are working on the project to bring Halo Faith to life as we all drool over the series. Jared Pelletier is hot off his near-sweep of the Arizona Film and Media Expo Film Festival awards.

This 20-year-old  visionary had previously been short-listed at Cannes a few years ago and was able attract production talent for Halo: Faith that had previously worked on Avatar, The Hulk and The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. The New Film Halo: Faith is due to release on November 20th 2011, and will be utilizing the technology used in James Cameron’s Avatar to create the best, crisp out of this world graphics. Teasers, music and print ads have been showing up making the fans go nuts! The internet community has built up drastically in anticipation for Halo: Faith.

SikDailyMags has been given the pleasure of doing an interview with the director, Jared Pelletier on Halo: Faith. Enjoy Fans/Readers

SikDailyMags: What intrigues you the most about the Halo Series?
Jared Pelletier:  The world we have to work with is so incredibly vast, it almost gives room for unlimited possibility. There is a very interesting history to the events which take place in the games, many of which translate great to the screen. I was very interested in taking my personal vision as a filmmaker and applying it to something so accessible with an established fan base. As we researched for this project it was discovered that there were layers upon layers of great content to work with both in storytelling and technical.

Halo: Faith Promo by Juan C Garcia

 SikDailyMags: What part of the time line in the series does Halo: Faith fall into place?
Jared Pelletier: ‘Faith’ occurs just as the Fall of Reach begins. Three Spartans are tasked helping in the defense efforts of this initial Covenant offensive.
                      SikDailymags:  What made you get involved with this Halo project? 
Jared Pelletier:  In April of 2010 I was attached to direct a short Avatar based film entitled ‘The Prime’. Yes, based on the       work of James Cameron. The goal of this project was to push the limits of technology in low budget filmmaking. The film was ultimately shut down, and I moved onto a WWII film ‘In the Hearts of Men’.
Immediately after we shot the WWII piece I was interested in revisiting the idea of making something people were already familiar with, the purpose being quick exposure. A number of ideas were tossed around, including a ‘Terminator’ film which was nearly realized. Halo posed a great challenge, one bigger than any of us could really comprehend – therefore it was the right choice.

Meet Jared Pelletier

                           SikDailyMags:  Do you see a Hollywood making of Halo coming out soon after Halo: Faith?
                              Jared Pelletier: I can’t imagine a ‘Halo’ movie not being made. This is just a matter of time, the potential is far too lucrative. Hopefully this project makes a good case as to why one should be put back into production. More than that, hopefully we prove ourselves worthy of such a project should the opportunity present itself.
                      SikDailyMags:  With the designers from, Avatar working with CG, how challenging is it making a live action  film with CG?   
                           Jared Pelletier: Incredibly challenging in just about every way. Every frame of the film was shot against a green screen and concrete floor. The environment was very similar to the mo-cap stages we’re frequently seeing in use. This makes the vision that much more important, as literally everything is being imagined. I then need to communicate this to the cast and crew. I can’t simply point the camera and say action – I need to go over every detail for every shot. I decided to go all CG, including the environments, because I didn’t find any locations which could have truly captured the environment of another planet. The last thing I wanted was to feel as though we’re on earth. Establishing that separation, despite the endless hours of work, is worthwhile.
Post is an even bigger challenge, of course. The process is very consuming, and requires hundreds of incredibly dedicated individuals to bring it all to life. i’ve gained a lot of respect for this process.

Jared Pelletier

                        SikDailyMags: Working with the team from Machinima must be extremely fun, how did you all come together to start the process of Halo: Faith? 
              Jared Pelletier: After our first two days on set (April 2-3) we were contacted by a representative at Machinima, interested in distributing ‘Faith’ and signing me as a director. The people at Machinima are fantastic, and the process has been a great experience. In a sense, it’s like working with a studio, and pushes us all that much harder to create an unparalleled product.
SikDailyMags:  Anything you would like to tell the fans/readers about Halo:Faith that they do not already know? Master Chief??
Jared Pelletier: They’ll have to wait for more official announcements! Get ready for a very exciting Fall as material is released frequently.
                     The Chief is, of course, an integral part to the series. He didn’t quite fit into the story we are trying to tell as a central character – that being said, he may have fit in somewhere.
Halo: Faith is going to be incredible with Jared directing it and the whole team passionate about the project to make everything come together. Musical composer Giancarlo Feltrin and Daniel Ciurlizza are currently working on the OST for Halo: Faith and had an Youtube contest for making a score for the movie.
Here is the Youtube Winner:
Youtube: Halo Faith Contest Winner- Halo:Faith Promo-TheRockOfAir
Check out the Giancarlo Feltrin’s and Daniel Ciurlizza’s work for Halo:Faith
 Youtube: Halo:Faith OST-Scarab
Go see more from Giancarlo Feltrin on his Youtube channel make sure you subscribe!
Youtube: Halo: Faith OST- Never Outnumbered 
Go see more from Daniel Ciurlizza on his Youtube Channel make sure you subscribe!
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Dear Photograph

Only a few weeks old this site has become very popular onlineDon’t know what it is? You take an old picture of yourself or a memory close to you and take a picture of the present. Many see this website as one of the most creative and moving. Bringing tears to many and a jolt to get their pictures on the site. Dear Photograph will grow drastically, grasp America’s past and bring it into the future with this creative idea. Many see this as a way to keep up with their you ones, others see it as a way back into their lives, “To be young again.” This site inspired SikDailyMags to make the branch Sik Web Pages and we thank you and we wish you all the luck in the world! Our past to present pictures will be up very soon!

Dear Photograph, Thank you for everything we had. @jonathanstampf (

Dear Photograph, Our wedding was our sweetest day, just like Grandma’s chocolate. Onno (

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