Sikdaily’s Favorite Clothings!

Beautiful Love Apparel

“There is no fear in love.” This quote from the Bible really sparked a flame into the creator of Beautiful Love Apparel, Gabrielle Dias. Spreading encouragement, love and hope this clothing line really brings out the summer colors for 2011. “I want it to have a positive meaning that is spread worldwide” said, Gabrielle. B.L.A has everything bracelets, shirts, v-necks, tanks and even low-off shoulder t’s. For all of those who just need that simple little push to inspire and let your heart flow free Beautiful Apparel is the clothing that you want to buy! Make sure to check them out!


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SikDaily’s Favorite Clothings


Parademaker Clothing


From two brother with a simple conversation of what to do with their future to sending out that last batch of clothing to their customers. Parade Maker consistently inconsistently out of the ordinary! Unique and inspirational designs are what they are all about, oh and of course who could forget about having fun. Easily side tracked these guys still get the work done and they do it right! Parademaker is all about “Making a scene”, making other people to invade other people’s vision. Anything from, KillHipsters tees to Creepy is the new cool. We love the humor behind Parademaker and so should you so check them out!


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SikDaily’s Favorite Clothings

Nick Hammond Design 

Theses guys are dead set on getting everyone on Nick Hammond Design, offering designs and logos. Paintball teams to even poster/flyer designs they have it all. Unique stylish designs makes NHD on of the more popular clothing lines out right now and is a force to be reckon with. Premium clothing for top tier athletes in motocross, paintball,wakeboarding, snowboarding, and even bands. These designs have everything put into them and you can seriously tell by every single detail with each project. These guys at NHD are proffesional and are willing to help anyone that is willing to help them! Laser engravings you name it, show them the cash and they are working on it! Check Nick Hammond Design out! hmmmm? SikDailyMags Tees?


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SikDaily’s Favorite Clothings

Savage Colors Clothing

Where to start with this brilliant clothing line? Savage Colors has become a fashion statement and it was all started from Marissa Berman. At the age of seventeen she started Savage Colors by reading up on different articles from various fashion magazines, selling  jewelry, perfume, and accessories from her father’s furniture store pretty cool right? From drawing designs on her computer to coming out with the clothing line she has made a huge fan base with over 3K likes on Facebook for this unique clothing. Bags to necklaces, bands to bracelets and even tanks to crop tops whatever you need Savage Colors has it for you! Check out Savage Clothing now you will thank me later!


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Shopaholic? Check out SSC’s shop online!

SikDaily’s Favorite Clothings

Eat Pineapple 

Who doesn’t love pineapple? This clothing line is sick and growing drastically with more and more fans everyday. Eat Pineapple has some amazing designs, from sort of retro-vintage style to some pretty badass established designs. This goofy clothing line is really going to go far with this unique design and a really sick name for a clothing company. In a couple of years we will see Eat Pineapple at Warp Tour or even opening up their first store never know! If you haven’t checked out Eat Pineapple, slap yourself and click the logo!


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Capitl Clothing Company 

 Expressing identity Capitl Clothing wants their customers to feel as if they have a choice to what they wear. Showing the world that you can wear clothing that is comfortable yet bold and creative. Quality is everything to these guys and that is what we like!  Sweet designs and very interactive with their fans, speaking of fans did we mention their 2k likes on Facebook?  They also sponsor some awesome bands like Scarlett O’hara and Disimber the Fallen. If you haven’t check Capitl Clothing yet  go ahead, pull out ur wallet and start buying their merchandise!


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Proper Gnar Clothing

 Gnar similar to sick, it can mean awesome and cool or really disgusting or gross. Sometimes both. Pretty much the gnarliest world around. We dig it! Shorter definition of gnarly is pretty kickass showing where the clothing line starts from and doesnt stop designs until they are sick as hell. Cool laid back, straight from Ohio, skater styled with a hint of retro makes this shirt what we call “Cali-Styled.” From Wooden Glasses and Stickers to awesome Tees and Tanks for guys and the chicks! Haven’t checked Proper Gnar Clothing out well drop everything and spend your last dime on a shirt!


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Sleepyhead Clothing 

What more to say about this clothing line than its made with a passion and a want for the customer. With over 4k likes on FB Sleepyhead has grown drastically with royal designs that makes you feel like your a king or queen. Live it up with these designs, very unique and stylish. Also known as King Country has the biggest individualism ever seen in a shirt that even makes SikDailyMags want to stop and look and ask questions!

Coming from Milwaukee, WI Sleepyhead has awaken a lot of people to get online and purchase their merchandise. From wrist bands to awesome shades to sweet ass tanks! These guys know what they are doing and they are doing it right! #winning


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Bundra Clothing 

Bundra Clothing coming from Las Vegas  to contradict the negative stereotypes of Christianity bringing clothing to another level! Stylish with a purpose this clothing is making its name known throughout the world. Bundra Clothing brings out the awesome talent of their many artist that they sponsor. Some of their sponsors include Oh, Sleeper, The Wedding, and Ivoryline. These are some of the best unique styles with the biggest message that we have seen in a while and we strongly suggest that you check out Bundra Clothing!


Check out Bundra Clothing on Twitter  or on 


Crawl Apparel 

Crawl Apparel is one hell of a clothing line and one of our favorites. Putting the love of California into every stitch of the designs Crawl has showed its state’s pride to the world.  The shirt shown above shows “the city that never sleeps” in a creative unique design. Under black light the shirt glows and its the coolest thing to see at a nightclub. If you have a favorites for clothing put Crawl Apparel at the top of the list because they are heading to blow up pretty quick get them while they last!


You can count on SikDailyMags wearing Crawl when we visit Cali! Follow Crawl! More than 3k likes!   

Visit Crawl Apparel at


Fresh Dough Clothing 

Everyone in this world loves to have “swag”. How have “swag” when you don’t have FreshDough? Exactly, this clothing line is very unique and it is so damn fresh. From tanks to hoods with explosive colors, these guys know what style is all about. Also how to make you hungry at the same time. Fresh pancake T’s to corndog t’s pretty awesome right? FreshDough has a variety of clothes and stickers to choose from so stop reading and start getting fresh!



These fresh guys have built a name for themselves and SikDaily loves staying fresh! 😀

Like Fresh Dough on FB  Over 2k Likes already! Or follow Fresh Dough on Twitter  Over 2k on their way to 3k fast!

Visit them on their site just click on the Fresh Dough Logo at the top!


Dirty Dudes Apparel! 

Bringing back the sick tattoo style back into clothing Dirty Dudes will help you with that Dirty style of life. More than clothing but a way of life, calling this a clothing line is an understatement for them! Anything from tanks, to wristbands they got you covers for the bad boy or bad girl life style. Yes ladies there is always room for becoming a dudette!

With more than 7k followers on Twitter this clothing line is a must if you want to let out the inner bad boy look or even bad girl look. SikDaily Approves and so should you! Go ahead and start shopping readers!

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Welcome to the new clothing branch of the site!

We don’t have our own clothing line but we do sponsor other clothing lines that are out there to fit our fans needs! So as soon as we can we will have a lot of clothing lines that you can browse around and buy off of their site! 😀 Thanks readers!

Iamunicorn Clothing!

Check out some of their Spring Season 2011 and Summer/Fall 2010 clothing, punk rock style all the way!

Always a day brightener wearing one of the many IAMUNICORN T’s! Very colorful always a humurous message and its in your face! Thats always sik in our books! Check them out! Buy a shirt or two!

Want more of IAMUNICORN? Like them on Facebook!   25K Likes! or Follow @Iamunicorn_com on Twitter!




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