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Interview with Viking Viking Viking

Welcome to the interview Viking Viking Viking!
Rocking from New Milford, NJ
Interview with the band:

SR: What is your name and what your role in the band?

Dan– Vocals
Brian– Lead Guitar
Matt– Rhythm Guitar
Alex– Lead Bass Guitar
Ryan- Drums

SR: How did the band all come together? Has there been many member changes?

Alex: The band started by Alex and Matt in like Freshman/Sophmore year of High School. Neither one of us knew how to play any instruments, Alex’s brother had some guitars and a bass, and Matt had a guitar. Alex asked his cousin Ryan if he wanted to be in a band with him and Matt, and he agreed, and then finally we met Brian in school, he was a grade under Matt and Alex. For the next year or so we practiced maybe once or twice every like 6 months. Then Matt and Alex’s senior year, our High School was putting on a Talent Show. We decided to actually make the band happen, and we signed up for the Talent Show. Our lineup at the time was Ryan on Drums, Brian on Guitar, Matt on Guitar and vocals, and Alex on Bass. We then spent 3 weeks to a month practicing every chance we got, and had three songs ready for the talent show. The songs were an original one we wrote, and then Grand Theft Autumn by Fall Out Boy, and Dammit by Blink 182. After this show, we started booking shows at VFW’s.

Brian: We’ve gone through 3 singers who for their own reasons had to leave.

Dan: The band was getting ready for a tour and I was going with them to help them out with merch. A few days before we left their singer decided he quit. We decided the best option, with such short notice was for me to learn the songs and fill in. I had such a great time on the road with them that I didn’t want to leave.

Making Magic

Viking Viking Viking!

SR: What in your opinion was your best show and why?

Matt: Park Rock 2010 in Maryland by far.  The kids there are crazy.  I can’t wait for next year.

Alex:  I have to agree with Matt on this one, Park Rock 2010. We played a good set, and the response we got from the crowd was awesome. We had a kid do a backflip, enough said.

Ryan: For me it was Pompano Beach, Florida, the crowd was awesome. Park Rock 2010 was also one of my favorite shows, the crowd was insane, we had people singing our lyrics that only saw or heard of us the day before.

SR: Has Viking Viking Viking played in another state before?

Brian: We’ve toured the majority of the East Coast. We started in Jersey played down to Florida and ended up in Connecticut. And we seem to have a developing connection with Maryland; we’re there every other show.

SR: How did the name Viking Viking Viking come to be?

Brian: Pranks calls…

Matt: Basically, we pranked called people pretending to sell what we called “Viking Energy Drink” and at the end of the call, we would scream “Viking Viking Viking” (for some reason that was funny to us…)

Alex: After one of the calls… for some reason I blurted out, lets name our band Viking Viking Viking. 

SR: What do fans have to look forward to from Viking Viking Viking?

Brian: We’ve been working on an album for the past few months and we’re still working hard on it. So you can definitely look for that. We’ll be touring a lot in 2011 so you can definitely come and see us wherever works!

Matt: Fans can definitely look forward to our new album, and all our live shows.  We pride ourselves on putting all our energy into having a really fun live show, so make sure you come to the next one we have by you!

Alex: You can keep up with anything new by following us @Vikingx3, @DDrew201, @Brian_Vx3, @Alex_Vx3, @Matt_Vx3

SR: Whats your favorite bands to blast on your iPod?Dan: Emarosa, and Black Dahlia Murder

Brian: Pierce the Veil. And even though they aren’t my favorite band over PTV; Four Year Strong always comes on whenever I have my ipod running. Dance Gavin Dance, too.

Matt: My favorite bands are changing all the time, currently I listen to a lot of Four Year Strong

Alex: Anyone that knows me well enough knows that I am crazy obsessed with Enter Shikari. Other then them it’s pretty much A Day to Remember, Pierce the Veil, or The Devil Wears Prada.

Ryan: A Day to Remember, The Devil Wears Prada, White Chapel, and Flight of the Concords

We at Sik Reviews are very impressed with Viking Viking Viking and will be following and listening to them as the progress to the top of the charts. Our favorite song from the band is Ever Loving me.  Check them out around the web!

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Special Thanks to Viking Viking Viking for the interview!