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BattleField: Bad Company 2

Review of Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Fighting for that game for best shooter against the crazed game Call of Duty, Battlefield Bad Company 2 has come for another head to head match for the gamers. This realistic masterpiece starts in a wintry valley, with a stunning view of mountains and beautiful snow covered trees. After amazement settles blowing up the trees, buildings, and vehicles gets you in the gaming mood! Infiltrating a small village you find yourself in a heated firefight. From slightly hearing footsteps muffled beneath the snow, to being way to close to an explosion setting of your ears to ring as you try avoided death.

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The graphic engine running the game is simply wonderful and catches every detail to a crisp. The intensity of this game is well seen in the campaign and multiplayer as you will quickly find that technique and strategies will be needed.

Eye candy for this game is tastefully powerful as you jump into a tank and ride through the country side. The ATV’s in the game make the vehicle sequences great as you speed around leaving your enemy shooting, just don’t drive around to much if you keep up with your kill to death ratio. Humor in Battlefield throws many of laughs to the gamer that play it. Dallas Cowboy’s fan Haggard is hilarious to listen to while he gives commands in Spanish.

Online in the world of battlefield has been amazing in the past and gamers have long awaited another go around. Earning points online unlocks weapons, specialization, gadgets, and attribute boosting customizations. You are able to choose from four classes before going into battle. Soldiers with assault rifles,grenade launchers, and ammo kits; engineers that are pretty stealthy while they sabotage or repair; of course the camping class, snipers with close demolition; and medics with machine firing power. Up to 24 players in a match makes it pretty tough to keep a good K.D spread as you rank up online against the world. Minor hiccups are found in the campaign and online but nothing to bring the fame down to rubbish.

 Vehicles rock in battlefield:BC2

Whether your finishing up campaign, blowing whatever up online, or ranking up with your buddies for bragging rights, Battlefield Bad Company 2 really lives up to the hype of Call of Duty as it challenges the game for being extremely realistic. This team will go far keeping this hype up will attract more gamers that are looking more than a shoot em’ up or run and gun type of games. Greatly imagined, and put to work is now the contender for the right to be one of the best shooters of all time.