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  • North Carolina

                             July.16th.2011:Casino Madrid @ The Brewery w/ Scarlett O’hara and The Aura Rising-Raleigh,NC

Casino Madrid w/ Scarlett O'hara and The Aura Rising-Raleigh,NC

  • New York

 June.9th.2011: Water Street | The Air I Breathe | My City, My Secret-Rochester,NY

Water Street, Rochester,NY

June.16th.2011:  Flying Squirrel Community Space In Alcatraz 1962 | Silence, More Rochester,NY

Flying Squirrel Community Space, Rochester,NY

  • California

 June.1st.2011: Maxwell’s Shipwreck Entertainment-Redding, CA

Shipwreck Entertainment-Redding, CA

June.3rd.2011-June.4th.2011: Tim Gardea Presents Rockin Roots-Bakersfield, CA

Rockin Roots, Bakersfield,CA

  • New Jersey
  • Connecticut

June.4th.2011: The Space w/ Stereo Skyline (Acoustic) & WeatherStar- Hamden,CT

The Space w/ Stereo SkyLine & WeatherStar, Hamden,CT

  • Illinois
  • Philadelphia
  • Texas
  • Ohio

 July.2nd.2011: Mushroomhead Old School Show/Peabody’s Concert Club / Dead before Dawn- Cleveland, OH 

Mushroom Head Old School Show- Cleveland,OH

  • South Carolina
  • Georgia
  • Florida


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