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777 Casino Madrid

 777 Casino Madrid

In the right corner weighing in with over 2k followers on Twitter and over 15k likes on Facebook Casiiiinooo Maddriiid! In the left corner is a lot more fans drooling for more music from these guys! Casino Madrid now apart of Artery Records, the ninth addition to the recordings family,  formed in 2007 . Coming all together they all formed a 7 piece band from San Diego and got their fans hyped enough to spread the word about how sick they are. From small gigs to making their first full length album with producer Will Putney. (Lamb of god, and Suicide Silence) This is our first time doing an article on a hardcore/trance/electronic band and we must say we are banging our heads back and forth, we f***** love it! Casino Madrid has a huge future in front of them and it is just getting started! Check out their first full length album this June!

     Hometown: San Diego, CA

Genre: Metalcore / Trance / Electronic

Members: Joe Demaio- Vocals, Marcelo Sedano-Guitar:Vocals, Armani Sanchez- Guitar, Travis Knutz-Bass, Robert Cesena-Synth, Johnny Cruz-Drums

Record Label: Artery Records/ Razor &  Tie

SikDailyFav: Casino Madrid-Running With Scissors

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Special Thanks to Casino Madrid, Artery Records and Razor & Tie



Who Wants to Move Out West?

 Move Out West

Who Wants to Move Out West?

Playing of the hearts of the American Dream these guys are bringing back music to its finest. If you have not heard them slap yourself and go listen to them. No, stop reading and go check out their FB.

            Bringing the essence of the west coast girls, beaches and narly          waves to the ears of many. Their new album On the Run is now available  on iTunes. Start downloading readers!

 Genre: Rock/Pop
 Hometown: Hartford, CT
 Members: Brian Hadsell (Guitar)
                           Cyrus Thomas-Walker (Bass,Keys)
                            Eben Wares (Vocals,Guitar)
                            LJ Bunker (Drums)
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