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Interview: Abstrak

Interview: Abstrak

Today we have Raper for Abstrak, Andrew Boehlefeld to have an interview with us! We want to thank you for your time! Abstrak is out to rap about deep insight to his dark and disturbed past. He is currently working on his mixtape, “Welcome to My World”, scheduled to be released at the end of this year! Here is the interview readers, enjoy!

SD: What was your biggest challenge getting into Underground Hip-Hop/Rap?

Andrew Boehlefeld:  Honestly it wasn’t so much of a challenge to get into it. It really just happened out of no where. I come from the complete opposite genre of music as I was the vocalist for a post hardcore band called Naming The Fallen with a very large following. I also  just recently quit being the vocalist of a progressive metal band called 12 Years Ago. I really just picked up this whole rapping thing about two months ago, free styling in my friends basement. I just kept practicing and then I started writing. I just felt like I have so much to say and so much going on inside my brain that I need to let it out. I was already a lyricist but I felt like being in a band really held back my creativity because I can’t say all the things in my head in a song of that genre. I love this ability to have complete control of my music, beats,, flow and my lyrics. Its all my straight from the heart. I guess the hardest part was just finding who I am as a musician.


SD: What makes your rap flow together so easy? You make it seem easy. 

Andrew Boehlefeld: Its just who I am. I’ve always had a complex way of looking at things and the way I think is so odd that sometimes I don’t even understand it. That’s why I am writing this album so that people can really get inside my head and understand who I am and what goes on inside my brain. I really don’t have to go out of my way to write that way and I don’t unless I am  inspired to because I want my music to be from the heart. Real deep music with complex flow to keep the listener interested. I just never knew I could rap like that at the speed I have been with a flow like that until I really sat down and tried it. Thank you!


SD:Who is your biggest influence while rapping? 

Andrew Boehlefeld: That would defiantly be  Aesop Rock. He is my favorite artist in any genre. He really is on another level. I just love listening to the way he flows his words and the complexity of his lyrics baffles me every time. I have 8 of his album and I still cannot memorize all the words because of how incredible it is. He really inspires me to just create and hold nothing back when I write. I also really like Tyler, The Creator. He really is a genius. I love the vulgarity and how he personifies the world through his eyes and uses schizophrenia and multiple personalities in his music its incredible.



SD: Now you said that you don’t want to be the next, Wiz Khalifa, so what is your dedication in your work? 

Andrew Boehlefeld: I write music for the sake of creating and my love of music. To express every single thought that goes on inside my head and my heart. All these artists out there now a days are in it for the money. Then they go and write songs about how much money they have and the girls they get and the cars and the weed. Its so insignificant and they really ruin music. Music was originally created to personify  yourself through your ability to create art and put your heart into it. I don’t wanna be singed or have lots of money I would give it all away as long as people were coming to my shows every night, touring in a new city all the time, and everyone loved the music and had a great time. That means more to me then any amount of money anyone could give me.


SD: We recently said, “You have old school Kanye West flow.” Do you think that will change at all? 

Andrew Boehlefeld: I love old Kanye West. He was and still is a great lyricist but he has defiantly changed as an artist as time went on. I think that we do differ in some areas though from his old school days. Defiantly lyrically we differ.  This is just my opinion of course. I like the comparison to a great musician I will defiantly take that as a compliment! I will never change who I am though. Or how I write my music. I always stay true to who I am and my beliefs. The writing style I have will not ever change for a label.


SD: For the upcoming rappers what advice would you give them, that has also helped you as well?

Andrew Boehlefeld: I honestly would say just take your shoes and step into em and chase your dreams before you lose them. Do not ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. My whole life has been people telling me I can’t do something or judging me because I was different and I just brushed it off like it was nothing. My dreams are the most important thing to me in life and I will always strive to achieve them and if you have big dreams all you have to do is work hard and one day you will achieve them. Stay true to who you are and don’t ever change for anyone.

SikDailyFavs: Abstrak-I Don’t Ever Want to Be Right


Make sure to keep up with Andrew Boehlefeld as he works on his first full length album coming out later this year, Welcome to My World. Follow Abstrak as they take over the rap nation!




Interview: Wake Up, Dolly

Interview: Wake Up, Dolly

We managed to snag the talented singer and songwriter for Wake Up, Dolly, Kylle Reece for an interview! Wake Up, Dolly has a huge couple of months coming up as they release not only their debut single, “A Million Little Pieces”. That isn’t the end of it either! They have their first Full-Length Album releasing in September! Keep an eye out!

Kylle Reece has given us his time to do an interview on Wake Up, Dolly!

Enjoy Readers!

SD:What do you think is the most significant talent of a songwriter?
Kylle Reece: I think it really depends on the style of music.. The songwriter in ME wants to say that the lyrics are the most important because that’s where people usually connect and relate to whatever it is you’re trying to convey.. Lyrics can be really powerful, I think the best attribute to have as a songwriter is writing solid lyrics. Or at least lyrics people can relate to. There’s been multiple times where I’ve fallen in love with a band or an artist with a terrible voice or no musical talent whatsoever, but their lyrics got to me. I really feel like it’s all you need. For me I’d rather listen to something like that than an amazing voice with pointless lyrics.


SD: How did Wake Up, Dolly all come about? 
Kylle Reece: Oh dear.. haha. So, I’ve been in multiple bands in the past few years (Sky Highway, Dry Creek Manor, City Of Kings) and for whatever reason those bands didn’t end up working out. And in between each band I would take a couple months to go solo acoustic and just play alone with my material. It always seemed to work better that way, I’m a pretty stubborn guy and I can admit to being hard to work with sometimes when it comes to writing.. hahah. So, I was going solo and getting really serious about a year ago. I went into the studio to start recording my first ever full-length Album. After months of recording, the majority of the songs became full band songs where I would play all the instruments and it just kinda got to the point where I was like, “Well, you’re going to need a band to play these songs live anyway.. might as well give it one more shot.” And it helps, you know, after being in bands that fail epically over and over again because you know what to do and what not to do. Trial and error really played a big effect in WUD’s strong take off, and that’s only because I’ve failed so many times already.. But anyway, about 5 months ago I went on a little search and recruited the members I thought fit best and here we are!


SD: Tell us about Wake Up, Dolly’s Full-Length Album coming out in August. What excites you about the release the most?
Kylle Reece: Wow, all these heavy questions! So, like I said earlier this has been over a year long process. I went in and out of styles, lyrics changed, guitar parts changed, band members changed, this album has just been a monster for us, and for me especially.. But it’s finally almost done. haha. I had recorded about 20 tracks in the past year or so and basically in doing that I sort of found my style and what direction I wanted the band to go. The Album has been cut down to 11 tracks now (possibly 12) and it’s put together which much more continuity than it would’ve been if I hadn’t cut those 8 or 9 tracks. So, the album actually comes out in September and it’s entitled, “A Shallow View On What Counts”. The name is sort of an overlapping theme within the album, there’s a lot of songs about friends leaving you for new friends, or girls leaving you for new and improved versions of you, and a whole lot of feeling like you’re not good enough I guess. It’s cool, because I know a lot of people can relate and that’s a big part of everything I write. So, this album if anything for me is all about getting rid of any baggage I had before and starting fresh. It’s got a harder edge to it, still alternative/indie rock type stuff, but a lot of Taking Back Sunday and Brand New influence.

The thing I’m MOST excited to release is definitely our Single. Our single drops August 13th, 2011 and it’s called, “A Million Little Pieces” and a good friend of mine does guest vocals in the song. (Brent Walsh of I The Mighty [Equal Vision Records). SO LOOK OUT FOR THAT!


SD: Where did the name Wake Up, Dolly originate?
Kylle Reece: I’ll try to make this as short as possible… When I was a kid my mom brought me home a box of toys and from this box I chose these 2 dolls, a boy named bobby and a girl named dolly. I played with these things constantly day in and day out and my mom got worried that I wasn’t doing “normal” things and I think she said I was actually skipping meals to play with these things.. haha So, anyway one night when I was asleep I’m assuming my mom took the dolls and gave them away to some underprivileged down the street without telling me.. I cried for DAYS. I guess my mom had a nightmare about a week after I got over everything and in this dream she was standing outside my bedroom door but she couldn’t get in. Like the door was locked or something. And So, when she put her ear to the door to see if I was okay, she heard me screaming at my dolls to wake up because I had no friends I wanted them to be alive to play with me. She heard me say, “WAKE UP, DOLLY, WAKE UP!” over and over again. And that’s where the name came from!


SD: Out of all the shows you all have done which would you say is your most memorable?
Kylle Reece: Probably the show I played acoustically at the Danville theatre in Danville, CA. The vibe was great, it was a benefit concert for habitat for humanity so everyone was super sweet and loving. I had a blast and made tons of friends and sold tons of merch. It was awesome.


SD: What music, band, or even TV show has influenced you and the band?
Kylle Reece: Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, Ace Enders, Relient K, Just Surrender, I The Mighty, I could go on for hours… But that probably narrows it down a bit 🙂


There it is readers! Wake Up, Dolly! Make sure you follow them on their way to the top!

Special Thanks to, Kylle Recce for the interview and your time! 😀




These Are Crash Coordinates

These Are Crash Coordinates 

Do you like having a great night with a great band and some amazing music? Awesome! Crash Coordinates brings out the night, working full time with music and still enduring college they have managed to get through it all. Out of Tempe, Arizona Crash Coordinates have put in a large amount of time promoting, writing,  and practicing to get their name out to the public and their fans. Speaking of fans these guys have over 18K followers and twitter and over 4K likes on Facebook. Their fan base have grew tremendously and is steady growing! Songs about their past experiences and their extraordinary passion for music. The music really sets the party scene, red cups, a couple of drinks, and music that relates to everything really makes everything flow. Make sure to put Crash Coordinates new CD Echo Theory on your iPods!

Hometown: Tempe, AZ

Genre: Alternative/Pop/Rock

Members: Chris Kalla-Vocals/Guitar, Kevin Williams-Bass, Chris Wahl-Guitar, Jon Stoddard-Drums

Record Label: Unsigned

SikDailyFavs: Crash Coordinates- Falling For You Official Music Video 

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Help Us Define Our Pride

Help Us Define Our Pride

Who says highschool bands doesn’t rock? Define Our Pride certainly showed their fans that music is what they live for and to play another show means the world to them! Coming out of  Houma, Louisiana these six guys have made mistakes but they learned from them and didn’t stay down.  Everything from drums to guitar just sounds excellent and so perfect in sync. Define Our Pride loves being introduced to new music, no matter what it is they love it. You can relate to these guys as superheros if you may. Why? Because they play for whats right, people who make a difference in everyday life to change the world from what it is today. Got to love that coming form a band! Make sure to check out Define Our Pride they are really good guys and will give their fans one hell of a show!

Hometown: Houma, LA

Genre: Punk/Easycore

Members: Kevin-Vocals and yelling into a microphone, Dustin-Vocals and synth, Roman-Guitar and smelling things, Johnny-bass and lame jokes, Blake-guitar and spotting big words, David-drums and tacos Love the humor guys!

Record Label: Unsigned

SikDailyFavs: Define Our Pride-FSU

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Lets Take A Brookline Drive

Lets Take A Brookline Drive

If your wanting a band that is unique but at the same time you can walk on the beach to, well this is the one. Brookline Drive takes it a little slow to reach out to the fans with their music. Nothing to crazy or insane but, smooth and soothing music with some sweet lyrics for that special girl or guy that your trying to impress. Coming from Connecticut these five guys are showing their fans that you can actually still be romantic and at the same time have a great time listening to awesome music. Brookline Drive nearing 2K likes on Facebook just keeps constantly growing, the love new fans and they also love their fans to feel comfortable while listening to them so check out their merchandise as well! Make sure to check out their new debut EP, Close to me.

  Hometown: East Hartford, CT

 Genre: Pop/Rock

 Members: Ben Lemieux – Vocals, Rich Paquet – Drums/Vocals, Spencer Hillman – Guitar/Vocals, Jordan Hillman -Bass/Vocals, Dan Hallett – Guitar

 Record Label: Unsigned

SikDailyFavs: Brookline Drive – It’s A Wonderful Life

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Word? No Safety Word Orange

Word? No Safety Word Orange

Starting from the beautiful Los Angeles Safety Word Orange  has made such a name for themselves after all they have been through. Working their asses off Safety Word Orange has made a huge fan base, an awesome pop/rock band together without a record label, manager or an agent. While in CA their first self-named EP was born! The adventure of bringing the band was a little tough coming back to VA, but worked! Who can blame going to craigslist to find another guitarist? After they got the magic back in the band they released their second debut EP, On Your Mark, Get Set…. After the success of their second EP, SWO wanted more. Going to producer Bryan Russell to help out with the third release. Making this album a tad bit different, no more drunk partying but actual real life struggles for their fans to take a step into the band’s life. If you haven’t checked out Safety Word Orange here is what you need to do.

1. Drop everything

2.Go to

3.Make SWO your new favorite band!

   Hometown: Richmond, VA

  Genre: Pop/Rock

  Members: James Mason-Vocals, Robbie Rusbuldt – Guitar/Vocals, Jackson Wise- Guitar Vocals, Will Michalik – Bass,  Travis King- Drums/Percussion

 Record Label: Unsigned

SikDailyFav: Safety Word Orange- Fiending 

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777 Casino Madrid

 777 Casino Madrid

In the right corner weighing in with over 2k followers on Twitter and over 15k likes on Facebook Casiiiinooo Maddriiid! In the left corner is a lot more fans drooling for more music from these guys! Casino Madrid now apart of Artery Records, the ninth addition to the recordings family,  formed in 2007 . Coming all together they all formed a 7 piece band from San Diego and got their fans hyped enough to spread the word about how sick they are. From small gigs to making their first full length album with producer Will Putney. (Lamb of god, and Suicide Silence) This is our first time doing an article on a hardcore/trance/electronic band and we must say we are banging our heads back and forth, we f***** love it! Casino Madrid has a huge future in front of them and it is just getting started! Check out their first full length album this June!

     Hometown: San Diego, CA

Genre: Metalcore / Trance / Electronic

Members: Joe Demaio- Vocals, Marcelo Sedano-Guitar:Vocals, Armani Sanchez- Guitar, Travis Knutz-Bass, Robert Cesena-Synth, Johnny Cruz-Drums

Record Label: Artery Records/ Razor &  Tie

SikDailyFav: Casino Madrid-Running With Scissors

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Special Thanks to Casino Madrid, Artery Records and Razor & Tie


Finally Close to Home

Finally Close to Home!

Well where do we start? Close to home is a favorite of ours. Huge band with amazing music! Sharing the stage with bands like Dance Gavin Dance and The Air I Breathe these guys have a road set out and they are tearing it to shreds. Coming from Ohio building up fans up to 20k on Facebook letting other bands they mean business and to take some notes. Close to home playing for the fans, the beers, and the great times to remember! Listening to the band just makes you have goosebumps wanting more music to put on your iPod. Releasing two EP’s Close to Home are nearing their debut album Never Back Down (Out Now!!!). Having troubles in the beginning didn’t stop this band but it made them stronger to get in the recording studio to hit up the demos with Tom Denney. (Formerly with A Day to Remember) Ever since then the band had no where else to go up and that they did into a major record label and fans ready for another unforgettable night!

   Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

 Genre: Hardcore

  Members: Nick Stiens – Vocals, JJ Cooper- Guitar, Vocals, Josh Wells – Guitar, Vocals, Travis Hartman – Drums, Derek Foust- Bass, Brad Andress (RIP) – Bass, Vocals

Record Label: Artery Records

SikDailyFavs– Close to Home: Nothing Lasts Forever(2011)

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