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Everyone Silence

Everyone Silence 

Straight from central Florida Silence has come to melt your face and give you on hell of a time. Out of this world music that will make Jason cry home to his mom. Non-stop working from day to night these guys practice and practice to give you everything they have. Currently Silence is doing everything they possibly can to give their fans a year filled with non-stop touring and constant new music so other bands can cower beneath them as they take over the Death Metal music scene. This 4 piece band has shown their fans what they are made of and their fans have grown and grown, with over 3K likes on Facebook. Make sure to check out Silence coming to destroy a city and leave a good taste of music in your soul soon!

 Hometown: Central, FL

Genre: Death Metal/Hardcore/2-Step

Members: Hunter Young – Vocals, Austin Delancey – Bass, Patrick Boyd – Guitar, Tyler Kruckmeyer – Drums

Record Label: Matchless Records

SikDailyFavs: Silence – There Is No Place Like Home

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Who Voted Most Random!

Who Voted Most Random!

Full time college students playing for the kids who hate to grow up! We all would love to stay as those kids with the free will to go an those awesome adventures with no responsibilities at all. Five guys with a dream and a passion to make it big and are doing all the right things to show their fans why they are the band to have on your playlist. Playing in Van’s Warped Tour ’10 which is a pretty big deal and landing other spots on Glamour Kills Tour and A Very GK Festival. Voted Most Random is everything want and more and play for their fans from day to day! If you havent listened to Voted Most Random yet make sure you check them out really soon because they are worth having on the iPod or check them out live!

        Hometown: Hamden,CT

         Genre: Rock/Pop/Melodic

         Members: Ian Reibeisen – Vocals, Scott Gunter-Lead Guitar, Sal Salemme-Drums, Bennett Pisaniello-Rhythm Guitar, Joe Mauti-Bass

SikFavs: Voted Most Random- Hot Mess

If you haven’t checked out Voted Most Random DO IT!  


Not An Angel But A Little Devil

Not An Angel But A Little Devil

These guys are not you Jersey Shore guido’s but they are from New Jersey and they are pumped to play for their fans every night. Heartbreak, drinking, and friendship makes their lyrics amazing and worth listening to. It gives you a glimpse of what similarities you can compare yourself to Little Devil. Two brothers and two close friends coming together to form Little Devil in September of 2010. Not that long ago for them to sound that good huh? They already have shared the stage with the freaking awesome Dub Step artist Rusko and the sick band Cash Cash.



 Genre: Rock/ Alternative/ Indie/Pop

Hometown: Warren,NJ

      Members: Mike Pellegrino- Vocals/Guitar, Brandon Alboum-Bass, Frank Peterpaul -Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards, Anthony Peterpau- Drums

SikFav: Little Devil- Breathe HD at Bar-A

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