Give Us Actions Louder Than Words!

Give Us Actions Louder Than Words

These five artists have really shown how fast you can actually grow with a solid fan base. Actions Louder Than Words creative music really gets you into that mood where everything is alright and all you want to do is hangout drink a cold beer and have a great time. From Charlotte their innovative sound can be heard from miles and miles away. Ranging from 14 to 20 years old Actions sure do speak louder than words and through their music they have proven it as a fact.

          Genre: Metal/Pop Punk/AntiThrash

           Hometown: Charlotte,NC

           Members: Jordan-Vocals, Nick-Guitar, Jody-Guitar, Tyler-Bass, Connor-Drums

            Record Label: Unsigned

SikFavs: Action Louder Than Words- “Dust Devil

Follow Actions Louder Than Words as they prove their name to all their fans!  

Special Thanks to Actions Louder Than Words!



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  1. thanks so much guys for posting this! took us a long time to get this much support and you guys really helped us! thanks so much!

    -connor (ALTW)

  2. the video on this page is ALTW- Dust Devil. hell yeah them boys gettin KNOWN

  3. dudes are sickkkk

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