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Band of the Month (June) Winner! Goodbye Coastline!

Band of the Month (June) WINNERS! Goodbye Coastline

Awesome that the fans participated in the top voted band on the site! Goodbye Coastline!

An Interview will be done with the band and will be putting it up on their own exclusive page. Tour dates, Events, as well as any updates or news that the band wants on the site! Congratulations again guys from SikDailyMags! -SikDaily

Band of the Month (June) Goodbye Coastline

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Remember That Crazy Night? Goodbye Coastline

Goodbye Coastline: Remember That Crazy Night?

If you have ever loved Blink-182 or the music on Burnout Paradise then you will love this band. Brining back all of those embarrassing times in the past, kinda like kissing that girl at the party and your (soon to be x) girlfriend finds out about it and totally destroys your room! Yeah Goodbye Coastline isn’t afraid to bring those wonderful memories back up to you.

Ever since the release of “Mister Disaster” Goodbye Coastline has exploded on the scene of music. Not your normal rock these talented group of guys tells a story with a energetic style so it keeps us moving.

Goodbye Coastline has been featured on, Jango and is all over the internet scene. From Youtube all the way to The Chicago Redeye, They are really making a name for themselves and getting their names out!

Readers we highly suggest listening and following Goodbye Coastline on their road to success and their wild party lyrics that we love to remember from our pasts.

Genre: Pop Rock

Members: Brian-Guitar, Jerry-Vocals/Guitar, Eddie-Bass, Zane-Drums

Hometown: Chicago, IL

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Twitter: @GoCoastline  FB:/GoodbyeCoastline  Myspace:/GoodbyeCoastline

Special Thanks to Goodbye Coastline! Thanks Guy you guys are going to be huge! -Sikuhaii


                                                       SikFavorite Goodbye Coastline: Hey Dreamers