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Happy Birthday,Dear Christie

Happy Birthday, Dear Christie 

Having a lot of bands from Ohio we have yet another one, Dear Christie. Fast in your face pop/rock two brothers Adam and Eric decided to come out to the world to embrace their musical talents. Wondering where the name Christie came from? It is their little sisters name as they were writing her a birthday card. Forming the band was a piece of cake as everything fell into place with ease. Releasing their debut EP “First things First” the band had a great future to look up to. One band member Armen had to leave the band due to personal issues in his future. Dear Christie had another guitarist and close friend in mind, Tyler Rose. The four piece band is one of the coolest band that we have heard in a while, not to hardcore and not to slow but just right with a lot of passion in their music. Playing for their fans and a great time Dear Christie will be around for whiles to come so keep a look out for them!

Hometown: Columbus, OH

Genre: Pop/Rock

Members: Adam Markin – Vocals and Guitar, Eric Markin – Drums, Tommy Parrill – Bass, Tyler Rose – Guitar

Record Label: Unsigned

SikDailyFav: Dear Christie- We Only Have Tonight

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Finally Close to Home

Finally Close to Home!

Well where do we start? Close to home is a favorite of ours. Huge band with amazing music! Sharing the stage with bands like Dance Gavin Dance and The Air I Breathe these guys have a road set out and they are tearing it to shreds. Coming from Ohio building up fans up to 20k on Facebook letting other bands they mean business and to take some notes. Close to home playing for the fans, the beers, and the great times to remember! Listening to the band just makes you have goosebumps wanting more music to put on your iPod. Releasing two EP’s Close to Home are nearing their debut album Never Back Down (Out Now!!!). Having troubles in the beginning didn’t stop this band but it made them stronger to get in the recording studio to hit up the demos with Tom Denney. (Formerly with A Day to Remember) Ever since then the band had no where else to go up and that they did into a major record label and fans ready for another unforgettable night!

   Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

 Genre: Hardcore

  Members: Nick Stiens – Vocals, JJ Cooper- Guitar, Vocals, Josh Wells – Guitar, Vocals, Travis Hartman – Drums, Derek Foust- Bass, Brad Andress (RIP) – Bass, Vocals

Record Label: Artery Records

SikDailyFavs– Close to Home: Nothing Lasts Forever(2011)

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