Assassins Creed: Brotherhood

Review of Assassins Creed: Brotherhood

The ancestor of Desmond Miles, Ezio is not the only important one in this story. The submissive bookkeeper Claudia Auditore is now wielding a sword and is very good at it too. Then the pale sister of Cesare Borgia as she has a few sharp words. These to women play a huge role in Ezio’s world as you go along. After a battle in Monteriggioni, Cesare Borgia steals the Apple of Eden a well known important artifact. Ezio has no other choice but to retrieve the artifact, but with some old friends and Caterina. The heartfelt flashbacks just take you back does it not? You will venture back as a younger Ezio in a set of side missions, seeing what charm he did have back in the old days.
*sigh “I told him not to wake Ezio up with water.”
Spending most of your time in Rome whether it is rooftop to rooftop, walking into the cathedral or getting a glimpse of the stunning huge detailed city your time is never wasted. Walking through the streets of Rome you will notice that people are really interactive with each other. Flirting with each other, carying candles and even munching down into a apple. As in Assassins Creed II you will notice hidden glyphs on rooftops and walls. These glyphs are pretty hard to find as at first they will seem like a breeze to find. There are few Templars in the game but instead of Templars we now have Romulus followers to worry about in their lairs as seen on Assassins Creed II.
The soundtrack to the game is wonderful and syncs in perfect with some of the things you will be doing in the game to follow the story. Opera and French horns makes you feel as if you right in real time Rome, if they only had the pizza to come along with this joyride. Beautiful music makes a game perfect for story mode gawking.
Blacksmiths, Doctors, and tailors will have a certain way you have to gain their shops. You have to spend money to make money. So purchasing and renovating their shops will give you more supplies plus it gives you a income to look forward to. Also eliminating Borgia’s influence in the city of Rome gives you access to many other vendors. Looting corpses and pick pockets can leave you with some pretty weird things, but take them to a vendor and some of those weird things can be traded for some bigger items you might like.
You will not be disappointed by the sights

Overall this game is a great buy! Other than the glitches at times and the disappointing story line the joy of roof platforming, new gadgets, assassinations, and finding new vendors never gets old. Rome on the big screen on top of a tower is a sight to see as your surrounded by the musical orchestra soundtrack. It really takes a toll on you as you play throughout the game as no other but Ezio.



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