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You Won’t Sleep After Tidings They Brought

You Won’t Sleep After Tidings They Brought

Bringing more energy than a Four Loko or a Redbull Tidings They Brought wakes you up with the attention of no other band. Sharing the stage with some awesome bands like Sever The Sky and Rose City Burial they have brought of course enough to get their names out to the general fans! Working their way up to get to Vans Warped Tour ’11 these guys have also got a vote for us to kick ass in Battle of the Bands!

Coming together in 2010 Tidings They Brought is hard at work to release their debut EP¬†“Equivocation”. Make sure you keep up with this band because these guys are going to blow up quick! ūüėÄ


Genre: Experimental/Hardcore

Hometown: NY

Members: Zack Dupuis: Vocals, Lance Compton: Vocals, Austin Dorr: Guitar, Mike       Wirth: Guitar, Ryan Wirth: Bass, Cory Haenggi: Drums


Follow them and vote for them for Vans Warped Tour ’11

SikFav: Tidings They Brought-

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Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm?


Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm

A Youtube video just leaked the new trailer for the follow up on Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty. This will be the second of three planned versions of Starcraft II series. The Trailer shows characters like Kerrigan and Jim Raynor in a short cut scene. The graphics as always in Starcraft II are phenomenal. Check it out !

Look foward for more info on Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm as we journey to E3!

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New and Improved!

SikDaily’s Favorite Clothing!

Check out the new branch of the site! This page is sponsored for clothing lines trying to get their name out! Our featured clothing line out that is being sponsored is IAMUNICORN. If you haven’t checked them out go do it now and buy some shirts! Awesome bright punk rock shirts to wear anywhere to send out a¬†humorous¬†message. We look forward to expanding our sponsorship for your clothing so bring us more in!


Enjoy and send us more info about other clothing lines we should sponsor!



The Rules of Staying Classy

The Aura Rising: Stay Classy Boco

The Aura Rising our featured Band of The Month has surfaced a new song from the caves of Washington, NC. If you¬†haven’t¬†liked The Aura Rising’s page on FB or Followed them @TheAuraRising you need to right now! Stay Classy Boco is one of those screamo song that makes you just want to flip out because your mom canceled you WOW account… HAHA. Enjoy Listening to the new release readers!

The Aura Rising: Stay Classy, BOCO Р

Speacial Thanks to The Aura Rising, Thanks guys keep up the good work!



The Beast is Coming

Infamous 2 Trailer: The Beast is Coming

The Beast is coming trailer has surfaced gamers. Take a look New Marais fiery red dense and diverse city is destroyed by an beastly figure.  A younger Cole is helpelessly fallen to the ground as the city burns. This game is going to be even more intense then the 1st go around. Hope you readers bought your popcorn!  June 7th 2011

The Beast is Coming



Thy Say’eth! Crown the Empire

Thy say’eth! Crown the Empire!

From Dallas, Texas these guys are destroying the music scene in a very good way! Hardcore electronica doesn’t get any better than this…and their just getting started.

From blowing out the imagination of electronica and hardcore Crown the Empire has driven up the ladder to having 7k fans on Facebook and 11k followers on Twitter. If you have not listened to them their music is “Eargasmic”. We replaced 3 headphones already…. Thanks guys!

Genre: Electronica/Screamo/Hardcore

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Members: Andrew Velasquez: Vocals/Scream Vocals                                     Hayden Tree: Guitar/Scream Vocals                                                    Brandon Hoover: Guitar/Vocals                                                                           Brandon Shroyer: Bass                                                                                                     Austin Duncan: Keys/Synth

Check out Crown the Empire on the following links:

Twitter: @CrownTheEmpire    FB:                   Youtube:     PureVolume:                    Tumblr:                                               BigCartel:                                     Stickam:

This is SikDailyMags favorite song from the band:

Thanks Guys!

-SikDailyMags                                                                                                                                                                                                                                -Sikuhaii-

American Dreaming?

American Dreaming?

Of course we are American Dreaming while we are not writing or looking up the latest entertainment!

Follow American Dreaming Magazine on Twitter: @AD_Magazine or on their website:

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Transformers: Dark of the Moon New Clip and Earlier Release Date

Michael Bay has decided to bring the intense explosions of out of your ordinary Transformers a day closer to release. Instead of July 1st the movie will be released on June 29th. Of course we will go a day early to watch the summer blockbuster!

Make sure to check out Transformers: Dark of the Moon in theaters June 29th

Thanks to Paramount Pictures


Childrens Miracle Network

Lets help out the next generation of leaders for our country. One small step is always huge for the future. Take some time readers and check it out at the bottom of the page, never know what prizes you might receive.


Importing (Under Construction)

Proud to announce that Sikreviews is now SikDailyMags or S.D.M.  Right now we are just importing some of the stories and bringing over two bands for the Featured Band of the Month. Revamped and ready to start reviewing and as always Fans/readers come first! Any suggestions or questions just let us know.

Thank You