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We Come Back Fighting the Villian

We Come Back Fighting the Villian

Coming together as friends to make music has made a monster of a band! In 2007 the band came together forming from what  is now Fighting the Villain, climbing the ladder to in turn release their first awesome debut EP, Turn to the Ruins. Anywhere in Cali from small gigs at shows to coffee shop gigs this band has crawled before they have walked and you can really hear it in their music. After performing for  many gigs and getting their fan base up FTV signed with Popsmear recording First Impression. Their latest single Last Goodbye mastered by Andrew Wade 😀 is now on Amazon!

Keep a lookout for a Southern Cali Tour from Fighting the Villian this year. Fighting the Villian really brings out the music of a Pop/Rock band with the beautiful voice of the lead singer Caitlyn Mae, backed up from her musical counterparts forming one of the most awesome bands that SikDailyMags has wrote about!

             Genre: Progressive/Pop/Rock

Hometown: Hayward, CA

Members: Caitlyn Mae – Lead Vocals, Miguel Perez – Guitar/Vocals, Cisco     Estrada – Guitar, Danny Brown – Drums, Kenny Rodriguez – Bass


Fighting the Villain: Whats Left

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Who Voted Most Random!

Who Voted Most Random!

Full time college students playing for the kids who hate to grow up! We all would love to stay as those kids with the free will to go an those awesome adventures with no responsibilities at all. Five guys with a dream and a passion to make it big and are doing all the right things to show their fans why they are the band to have on your playlist. Playing in Van’s Warped Tour ’10 which is a pretty big deal and landing other spots on Glamour Kills Tour and A Very GK Festival. Voted Most Random is everything want and more and play for their fans from day to day! If you havent listened to Voted Most Random yet make sure you check them out really soon because they are worth having on the iPod or check them out live!

        Hometown: Hamden,CT

         Genre: Rock/Pop/Melodic

         Members: Ian Reibeisen – Vocals, Scott Gunter-Lead Guitar, Sal Salemme-Drums, Bennett Pisaniello-Rhythm Guitar, Joe Mauti-Bass

SikFavs: Voted Most Random- Hot Mess

If you haven’t checked out Voted Most Random DO IT!  


Attention Truth Under Attack

Attention Truth Under Attack! 

From awesome covers to their latest EP Truth Under Attack has given us hope again to pick up those ear buds and head bang while your in the office. The Telephone cover originally sung by Lady Gaga is one of the best covers  we have heard in a while. Truth Under Attack’s band is very creative with a punch that will put you on your ass. Battling for a spot in Van’s Warped Tour ’11 through Battle of the Bands they have more than showed that they want to play for the thousands of fans!  From just getting started playing gigs here and there to getting quoted by Lemonade Magazine’s Nicole Figueroa Truth Under Attack has found that stairway to the top and now all they have to do is walk up.

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Genre: Rock/Alternative/Hardcore

Members: Chelsy Secules – Vocals Stephen Gleason – Guitar Adrian Arvizu – Guitar Andrew Hansen – Drums/Vocals Keegan Chapman – Bass

Record Label: Unsigned

SikFav: Truth Under Attack- Get Back To The Mystery Machine

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Give Us Actions Louder Than Words!

Give Us Actions Louder Than Words

These five artists have really shown how fast you can actually grow with a solid fan base. Actions Louder Than Words creative music really gets you into that mood where everything is alright and all you want to do is hangout drink a cold beer and have a great time. From Charlotte their innovative sound can be heard from miles and miles away. Ranging from 14 to 20 years old Actions sure do speak louder than words and through their music they have proven it as a fact.

          Genre: Metal/Pop Punk/AntiThrash

           Hometown: Charlotte,NC

           Members: Jordan-Vocals, Nick-Guitar, Jody-Guitar, Tyler-Bass, Connor-Drums

            Record Label: Unsigned

SikFavs: Action Louder Than Words- “Dust Devil

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Special Thanks to Actions Louder Than Words!


We need to Heal These Wounds!

We Need to Heal These Wounds

Playing  just to be playing! Heal These Wounds coming from all over to just play for their fans. They don’t care if you don’t like it or not they are just there to have a good time and play one hell of a show. Head banging back and forth we can’t stop as we destroy this replay button. Their new record comes out July 12th and we are totally stoked about it especially after hearing some of it on Hard Rock Radio Live.  Look out for it and enjoy listening to this great band, if you don’t then O well someone else will and they will always bring an awesome crowd! 😀

Genre: Metal/ Hardcore

Hometown:  Alaska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Vermont, Communist Russia

Members: Kevin, Mike, Dave, Bryant, Andrew

Recored Label: Innerstrength Records

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Special Thanks to Heal These Wounds you guys are going places!


We Kinda Are Stuck In Alcatraz 1962

We Kinda Are Stuck In Alcatraz 1962

We piece ourselves back together after listening to In Alcatraz 1962.. These guys are bringing Metal back to the extreme which we love. From Northern Virginia this hardcore band has transformed 4,000 people on Facebook and made them become Alcatraz fanatics. Their recent EP “Dream” has caused up quite of stir in a good way and is now available on iTunes!

      Follow them on the tour Consumed in June! First stop is in Raleigh,NC tonight @ The Brewery! Make Sure to check them out!

       Hometown: Alcatraz,VA 😀

        Genre: Metal/ Hardcore

         Members: Andre Bravo – Vocals, Travis Ferrell – Guitar, Frankie Grimes –    Guitar, Jonathon Pentz- Bass, Josh Zupovitz – Drums

SikFav: In Alcatraz 1962 -Live “The Want”

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Better Hurry Before Your Dead Before Dawn!

Better Hurry Before Your Dead Before Dawn! 

Oh so your a regular at Mushroom Head? Then you should know all about this siknasty band! Bringing everything together in 2010 Dead Before Dawn expanded out to the rest of the world with their EP (Hello..My Name is Death).  In your face aggressive never missing a beat and always playing for the fans Dead Before Dawn has drastically grown on everyone since 2010.  If you haven’t checked out Dead Before Dawn you should be ashamed of yourself, pick up some headphones and get ready for your face to melt completely off by the hardcore rock goodness!  They are sure making Niagara Falls, NY very proud.

          Hometown: Niagara Falls,NY

           Genre: Metal/ Hardcore/ Punk

             Members: Vocals – Nick, Vocals – Kris, Guitar – Pat, Bass – Adam, Drums – Steve

SikFav: Dead Before Dawn-Dead Before Dawn

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Not An Angel But A Little Devil

Not An Angel But A Little Devil

These guys are not you Jersey Shore guido’s but they are from New Jersey and they are pumped to play for their fans every night. Heartbreak, drinking, and friendship makes their lyrics amazing and worth listening to. It gives you a glimpse of what similarities you can compare yourself to Little Devil. Two brothers and two close friends coming together to form Little Devil in September of 2010. Not that long ago for them to sound that good huh? They already have shared the stage with the freaking awesome Dub Step artist Rusko and the sick band Cash Cash.



 Genre: Rock/ Alternative/ Indie/Pop

Hometown: Warren,NJ

      Members: Mike Pellegrino- Vocals/Guitar, Brandon Alboum-Bass, Frank Peterpaul -Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards, Anthony Peterpau- Drums

SikFav: Little Devil- Breathe HD at Bar-A

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Band of the Month (June) Winner! Goodbye Coastline!

Band of the Month (June) WINNERS! Goodbye Coastline

Awesome that the fans participated in the top voted band on the site! Goodbye Coastline!

An Interview will be done with the band and will be putting it up on their own exclusive page. Tour dates, Events, as well as any updates or news that the band wants on the site! Congratulations again guys from SikDailyMags! -SikDaily

Band of the Month (June) Goodbye Coastline

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