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Everyone Silence

Everyone Silence 

Straight from central Florida Silence has come to melt your face and give you on hell of a time. Out of this world music that will make Jason cry home to his mom. Non-stop working from day to night these guys practice and practice to give you everything they have. Currently Silence is doing everything they possibly can to give their fans a year filled with non-stop touring and constant new music so other bands can cower beneath them as they take over the Death Metal music scene. This 4 piece band has shown their fans what they are made of and their fans have grown and grown, with over 3K likes on Facebook. Make sure to check out Silence coming to destroy a city and leave a good taste of music in your soul soon!

 Hometown: Central, FL

Genre: Death Metal/Hardcore/2-Step

Members: Hunter Young – Vocals, Austin Delancey – Bass, Patrick Boyd – Guitar, Tyler Kruckmeyer – Drums

Record Label: Matchless Records

SikDailyFavs: Silence – There Is No Place Like Home

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Lets Take A Brookline Drive

Lets Take A Brookline Drive

If your wanting a band that is unique but at the same time you can walk on the beach to, well this is the one. Brookline Drive takes it a little slow to reach out to the fans with their music. Nothing to crazy or insane but, smooth and soothing music with some sweet lyrics for that special girl or guy that your trying to impress. Coming from Connecticut these five guys are showing their fans that you can actually still be romantic and at the same time have a great time listening to awesome music. Brookline Drive nearing 2K likes on Facebook just keeps constantly growing, the love new fans and they also love their fans to feel comfortable while listening to them so check out their merchandise as well! Make sure to check out their new debut EP, Close to me.

  Hometown: East Hartford, CT

 Genre: Pop/Rock

 Members: Ben Lemieux – Vocals, Rich Paquet – Drums/Vocals, Spencer Hillman – Guitar/Vocals, Jordan Hillman -Bass/Vocals, Dan Hallett – Guitar

 Record Label: Unsigned

SikDailyFavs: Brookline Drive – It’s A Wonderful Life

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Foxtrot Weatherstar

 Foxtrot WeatherStar 

Two guys on a mission to take over the music industry, to ask me they are doing a great job already! Weatherstar already has a whopping 5K likes on Facebook and 4K tweeters on Twitter. They have  been on, Cosmo Girl Magazine and was just featured in Alternate Press Magazine. Showing the world that the big apple has some amazing talent. They recently released their new EP Crystal Ball in April of 2011. The two song EP was produced by Andrew Goldstein from The Friday Night Boys and ten percent of profits went to Red Cross to aid Japan. Weatherstar has also been in Warped Tour 2010 so if you haven’t heard this band your crazy and you should hit the play button!

 Hometown: New York

 Genre: Rock/ Pop

 Members: Cameron Walker- Guitar/Vocalist, Billy Totti – Drums

SikDailyFavs: Weatherstar- Crystal Ball

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Now The Future Is Me

Now The Future Is Me

Having the whole weight of North Carolina is just another slice of cake. Coming from Raleigh,NC  these five guys are making a huge name for themselves as they attract more and more fans to listen to there music! Wanting to pull North Carolina out of  “Dark ages” and bring the state into a “Machine age” where everything is Sik nasty and everyone is down for having a good night with good music. Having the talent to flirt with Experimental/Post-Hardcore is pretty awesome if you ask us. Why? You don’t usually hear a band that goes out of the box and sound amazing at the same time. Also having a huge fan base behind the band has tremendously helped with the band with over 2K likes on Facebook. Don’t ask us, go listen to The Future Is Me as they make the future of Post-Hardcore for their state of North Carolina.

   Hometown: Raleigh,NC

Genre: Rock/Experimental/Post-Hardcore

Members: Paul Kelly- Vocals, John Tomasevich – Guitar/Vocals, Steven Krupp – Bass, Matt Szalecki – Drums

SikDailyFavs: The Future Is Me- Calm

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Word? No Safety Word Orange

Word? No Safety Word Orange

Starting from the beautiful Los Angeles Safety Word Orange  has made such a name for themselves after all they have been through. Working their asses off Safety Word Orange has made a huge fan base, an awesome pop/rock band together without a record label, manager or an agent. While in CA their first self-named EP was born! The adventure of bringing the band was a little tough coming back to VA, but worked! Who can blame going to craigslist to find another guitarist? After they got the magic back in the band they released their second debut EP, On Your Mark, Get Set…. After the success of their second EP, SWO wanted more. Going to producer Bryan Russell to help out with the third release. Making this album a tad bit different, no more drunk partying but actual real life struggles for their fans to take a step into the band’s life. If you haven’t checked out Safety Word Orange here is what you need to do.

1. Drop everything

2.Go to

3.Make SWO your new favorite band!

   Hometown: Richmond, VA

  Genre: Pop/Rock

  Members: James Mason-Vocals, Robbie Rusbuldt – Guitar/Vocals, Jackson Wise- Guitar Vocals, Will Michalik – Bass,  Travis King- Drums/Percussion

 Record Label: Unsigned

SikDailyFav: Safety Word Orange- Fiending 

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777 Casino Madrid

 777 Casino Madrid

In the right corner weighing in with over 2k followers on Twitter and over 15k likes on Facebook Casiiiinooo Maddriiid! In the left corner is a lot more fans drooling for more music from these guys! Casino Madrid now apart of Artery Records, the ninth addition to the recordings family,  formed in 2007 . Coming all together they all formed a 7 piece band from San Diego and got their fans hyped enough to spread the word about how sick they are. From small gigs to making their first full length album with producer Will Putney. (Lamb of god, and Suicide Silence) This is our first time doing an article on a hardcore/trance/electronic band and we must say we are banging our heads back and forth, we f***** love it! Casino Madrid has a huge future in front of them and it is just getting started! Check out their first full length album this June!

     Hometown: San Diego, CA

Genre: Metalcore / Trance / Electronic

Members: Joe Demaio- Vocals, Marcelo Sedano-Guitar:Vocals, Armani Sanchez- Guitar, Travis Knutz-Bass, Robert Cesena-Synth, Johnny Cruz-Drums

Record Label: Artery Records/ Razor &  Tie

SikDailyFav: Casino Madrid-Running With Scissors

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Special Thanks to Casino Madrid, Artery Records and Razor & Tie


Happy Birthday,Dear Christie

Happy Birthday, Dear Christie 

Having a lot of bands from Ohio we have yet another one, Dear Christie. Fast in your face pop/rock two brothers Adam and Eric decided to come out to the world to embrace their musical talents. Wondering where the name Christie came from? It is their little sisters name as they were writing her a birthday card. Forming the band was a piece of cake as everything fell into place with ease. Releasing their debut EP “First things First” the band had a great future to look up to. One band member Armen had to leave the band due to personal issues in his future. Dear Christie had another guitarist and close friend in mind, Tyler Rose. The four piece band is one of the coolest band that we have heard in a while, not to hardcore and not to slow but just right with a lot of passion in their music. Playing for their fans and a great time Dear Christie will be around for whiles to come so keep a look out for them!

Hometown: Columbus, OH

Genre: Pop/Rock

Members: Adam Markin – Vocals and Guitar, Eric Markin – Drums, Tommy Parrill – Bass, Tyler Rose – Guitar

Record Label: Unsigned

SikDailyFav: Dear Christie- We Only Have Tonight

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Finally Close to Home

Finally Close to Home!

Well where do we start? Close to home is a favorite of ours. Huge band with amazing music! Sharing the stage with bands like Dance Gavin Dance and The Air I Breathe these guys have a road set out and they are tearing it to shreds. Coming from Ohio building up fans up to 20k on Facebook letting other bands they mean business and to take some notes. Close to home playing for the fans, the beers, and the great times to remember! Listening to the band just makes you have goosebumps wanting more music to put on your iPod. Releasing two EP’s Close to Home are nearing their debut album Never Back Down (Out Now!!!). Having troubles in the beginning didn’t stop this band but it made them stronger to get in the recording studio to hit up the demos with Tom Denney. (Formerly with A Day to Remember) Ever since then the band had no where else to go up and that they did into a major record label and fans ready for another unforgettable night!

   Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

 Genre: Hardcore

  Members: Nick Stiens – Vocals, JJ Cooper- Guitar, Vocals, Josh Wells – Guitar, Vocals, Travis Hartman – Drums, Derek Foust- Bass, Brad Andress (RIP) – Bass, Vocals

Record Label: Artery Records

SikDailyFavs– Close to Home: Nothing Lasts Forever(2011)

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Special thanks to Artery Records and Close to Home!


We Come Back Fighting the Villian

We Come Back Fighting the Villian

Coming together as friends to make music has made a monster of a band! In 2007 the band came together forming from what  is now Fighting the Villain, climbing the ladder to in turn release their first awesome debut EP, Turn to the Ruins. Anywhere in Cali from small gigs at shows to coffee shop gigs this band has crawled before they have walked and you can really hear it in their music. After performing for  many gigs and getting their fan base up FTV signed with Popsmear recording First Impression. Their latest single Last Goodbye mastered by Andrew Wade 😀 is now on Amazon!

Keep a lookout for a Southern Cali Tour from Fighting the Villian this year. Fighting the Villian really brings out the music of a Pop/Rock band with the beautiful voice of the lead singer Caitlyn Mae, backed up from her musical counterparts forming one of the most awesome bands that SikDailyMags has wrote about!

             Genre: Progressive/Pop/Rock

Hometown: Hayward, CA

Members: Caitlyn Mae – Lead Vocals, Miguel Perez – Guitar/Vocals, Cisco     Estrada – Guitar, Danny Brown – Drums, Kenny Rodriguez – Bass


Fighting the Villain: Whats Left

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Who Voted Most Random!

Who Voted Most Random!

Full time college students playing for the kids who hate to grow up! We all would love to stay as those kids with the free will to go an those awesome adventures with no responsibilities at all. Five guys with a dream and a passion to make it big and are doing all the right things to show their fans why they are the band to have on your playlist. Playing in Van’s Warped Tour ’10 which is a pretty big deal and landing other spots on Glamour Kills Tour and A Very GK Festival. Voted Most Random is everything want and more and play for their fans from day to day! If you havent listened to Voted Most Random yet make sure you check them out really soon because they are worth having on the iPod or check them out live!

        Hometown: Hamden,CT

         Genre: Rock/Pop/Melodic

         Members: Ian Reibeisen – Vocals, Scott Gunter-Lead Guitar, Sal Salemme-Drums, Bennett Pisaniello-Rhythm Guitar, Joe Mauti-Bass

SikFavs: Voted Most Random- Hot Mess

If you haven’t checked out Voted Most Random DO IT!