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Now The Future Is Me

Now The Future Is Me

Having the whole weight of North Carolina is just another slice of cake. Coming from Raleigh,NC  these five guys are making a huge name for themselves as they attract more and more fans to listen to there music! Wanting to pull North Carolina out of  “Dark ages” and bring the state into a “Machine age” where everything is Sik nasty and everyone is down for having a good night with good music. Having the talent to flirt with Experimental/Post-Hardcore is pretty awesome if you ask us. Why? You don’t usually hear a band that goes out of the box and sound amazing at the same time. Also having a huge fan base behind the band has tremendously helped with the band with over 2K likes on Facebook. Don’t ask us, go listen to The Future Is Me as they make the future of Post-Hardcore for their state of North Carolina.

   Hometown: Raleigh,NC

Genre: Rock/Experimental/Post-Hardcore

Members: Paul Kelly- Vocals, John Tomasevich – Guitar/Vocals, Steven Krupp – Bass, Matt Szalecki – Drums

SikDailyFavs: The Future Is Me- Calm

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