Attention! We Have A Tragedy at Hand

Attention! We Have A Tragedy at Hand

Well now that our ears have stopped ringing from the epic roaring of the band we can more than say we are blown away from ATAH. From the awesome lyrics to just going crazy from the bands sync, its perfect all together. Coming together about three years ago some of the members coming from past bands played together come to bring their fans an amazing show no matter what the case. Influences as Devil Wears Prada, Asking Alexandria and Attack Attack, We have a Tragedy at Hand plays so similar to most of these bands that its crazy. They have also shared the stage with The Devil Wears Prada, Asking Alexandria, and Attack Attack and that is a pretty huge compliment! In case of emergency their debut EP released in over 35 Hot Topic locations throughout Texas, California, and LA giving the band a huge jump on getting a much bigger fan base to listen to the bands epicness. If you haven’t heard these guys check them out ASAP! Also check out their Youtube updates and their latest video “ZOMG”!

Hometown: Irving

  Genre: Metal/Hardcore

  Members: Nathan Rae-Vocals, DJ Reed-Bass, Shaffer- Guitar, Michael Gonzalez-Drums/808, Nicolai Linza-Guitar

SikDailyFavs: A Tragedy At Hand- In Case Of An Emergency 

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