Not An Angel But A Little Devil

Not An Angel But A Little Devil

These guys are not you Jersey Shore guido’s but they are from New Jersey and they are pumped to play for their fans every night. Heartbreak, drinking, and friendship makes their lyrics amazing and worth listening to. It gives you a glimpse of what similarities you can compare yourself to Little Devil. Two brothers and two close friends coming together to form Little Devil in September of 2010. Not that long ago for them to sound that good huh? They already have shared the stage with the freaking awesome Dub Step artist Rusko and the sick band Cash Cash.



 Genre: Rock/ Alternative/ Indie/Pop

Hometown: Warren,NJ

      Members: Mike Pellegrino- Vocals/Guitar, Brandon Alboum-Bass, Frank Peterpaul -Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards, Anthony Peterpau- Drums

SikFav: Little Devil- Breathe HD at Bar-A

Special Thanks to Little Devil, Awesome work guys! Follow them on Twitter  or Like them on FB 



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